Welcome to Product Story SG! 

About Us

ProductStory is born from our dream to gift a lasting positive impact to the people we love, the organisations we are committed to, the communities we care about and the planet we depend on.

In Sequoia’s core consulting work to create organisations worthy of people’s commitment, we know that every programme is a transient touchpoint that bears the seeds of a flourishing life and impacts that may endure far beyond our lifetime. In gratitude for the trust we have been given and the journey we have shared, each time we come to the end of a programme, we ask ourselves: what legacy do we leave behind? Do our trails continue to provide support for others? Have the people we left behind, in Robert Greenleaf’s words, “become healthier, wiser, and freer, and more autonomous” because we were there with them before?

In short, we want to gift the good life to people, workplaces, communities and ecosystems.

ProductStory is a curation of the products and services we believe to be gifts worth harvesting, exchanging and celebrating. They inspire us to live well because they are not just useful products, but they also stand for stories of positive change, courageous growth, and creative regeneration. We want to honour the hands of creators that bring these stories to life through their creative works. That is why we give these products to our clients, we recommend them to our network, and now we curate them for you.

In the redwood forest, the resident squirrels collect, cut and cache Sequoia seeds so that the seeds can grow and renew the forest. Likewise, we are here to harvest for good. We hope you find some good seeds for your own development and the sustainable flourishing of your organisation, communities and our common home.