Organic Cotton Produce Bags Variety Pack


The mesh bags are lightweight and see-through, ensuring air circulation within the stored produce. The muslin is great for storing produce in the fridge, and you could also use it to store a loaf of bread or bulk bag when you visit the bakery or bulk store.

Bring these with you to the grocery store and farmers market and never use another single-use plastic produce bag again! These reusable produce bags are organic, sustainable, non- toxic and BPA free! These reusable, organic cotton produce bags come with a durable drawstring to ensure the storage and security of your fresh foods! Tare weight is on each individual bag.

Our organic cotton muslin produce bags are made from 100% cotton. They are certified organic through GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

Your purchase includes:


Organic Mesh Produce bag – 4

Organic Muslin Produce BAG -4

The sizes of bag  10″ x 12″. Sustainably sourced and made in India.